Mayakkam Enna-Music Review (First on Net!)

Mayakkam Enna is a romantic musical, directed by Selvaraghavan starring Dhanush and Richa Gangopadhyay has music by G.V Prakash Kumar. The combo worked wonders last time in Aayirathil Oruvan with almost all songs turning chartbusters. Lets see how this one turns out.

1.Oda Oda

This is a free-spirited song, with extremely youthful lyrics(by Dhanush and Selva, I guess). The camera sounds and the lines make it very quirky. The song appeals for its feel, though it has shades of ARR’s Kadhallikkum Pennin from Kadhalan. An interesting listen.

2.Naan Sonnadhum Mazhai Vandhucha
Singers:Naresh Iyer

This number is a very unique attempt by GVP. Blending folk music definitely, is rare. The last big hit in this genre was ‘Happy New Year’ from Kuruvi. This excels the former in terms of quality and the feel.  Selvaraghavan’s penned this one, with the same panache in his earlier ‘Malai Neram’  from AO.

3.Kaadhal En Kaadhal

Kudos brothers. This is a love failure song that is bound to be nothing less than a chartbuster. Starting from the lyrics, to the music that incorporates a lot of ghatam music(maybe, the Anjala effect?), everything is apt. Selvaraghavan sounds a little deadpan, but Dhanush compensates enough for it. The way he sings ‘Podhum da machan’…Feel of a professional singer! Lyrics are by Dhanush again.

4.Pirai Thedum
Singers:G.V.Prakash, Saindhavi.

This is an intense romance duet. The engaged duo ooze so much life into this number penned by Dhanush(again??). This belongs to the likes of Vizhigalil Vaanavil, Akkam Pakkam Yaarumilla, et al..A song you can listen to on the car driving through a rainy day. Very riveting.

5.Ennenna Seidhom Inga
Singers:Harish Raghavendra

This is an extremely amazing composition, incidentally spiritual with exuberant lyrics from Selvaraghavan(OMG!). Harish Raghavendra is back after a long hiatus and the singer’s delivered nothing short of what we expect. Sounds very Sufi too, thats a plus but later drifts to something like ‘Janani Janani‘, But the singing tops it all. Definitely, the pick of the album.

6.Mayakkam Enna Theme

This is a well-composed piece of music that has strings blended with the electric guitar (??)..Depicts the anguish and pain of falling in love and out of it totally. Ringtone-worthy.


* GVP has once again reaffirmed he’s in this elite bankable league of the Tamil Music World.
* The GVP-Selva combo never fails.
* Dhanush is a good singer and a great writer and Selva too!
* Mayakkam Enna is worthy of being touted a musical..

Though not the best album for a Selva movie, Mayakkam Enna is an album worth every penny it costs. USP: Top notch music quality, down-to-earth lyrics, Genre variety, Appealing on first-listen.

Rating: ***1/2 (3.5/5)

P.S: At this point of time, one small thanks to Radio Mirchi Chennai for airing them as they released.

  1. On the Naresh Iyer song, want to know if I heard the lyrics right at 2:10.

      • Karuvaatu Kozhambaa neeyum rusi yethura…
        Oruvaati thinnu paaka usuppethura…


  2. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    |||||| Though not the best album for a Selva movie, ||||||

    Loosa ya nee ? Orey oru vaati paatu ketutu, not the best nu solra ?

    • Reviewers have to judge based on quick listens only bro. Prod Houses keep playing the same song repeatedly over air, and then they turn out to be hits..Are they really good?
      First impact matters!

    • Ramachandra said:

      Without even having listened to it, I can assure it will definitely not be the best album for a Selva movie, however good it may be. I dare to say it’s near impossible to beat 7G Rainbow Colony or Pudhupettai or even Thulluvadho Ilamai for that matter.

      • Maybe, boss but it’s good! Worth listening…

      • mohan said:

        IMHO is a LEGENDARY ALBUM (including the 30-odd backgorund scores, which even today is unheard of in any movie).

        It is simply one of the greatest OST’s of all time.

        And I am sorry to say, Mayakkam Enna is nowhere close to that league. Selvaraghavan’s films are known for, if nothing else, great theme music and Mayakkam Enna is a sore letdown on this point. Hell, the theme music is not even as evocative as GV’s own themes in earlier films like Deiva Thirumagal or Aayirathil Oruvan.
        As for the songs themselves, the less said the better. Apart from Pirai thedum and Kaadhal en Kaadhal, none of them stand up to serious scrutiny. Plus the guy recycles his songs like anything. Pirai thedum sounds mighty similar to his recent Vizhigalil oru vaanavil and some of the others too have a heard-before feel. Sarakku theenthudicha therila!

        The best thing about this album is, Selva himself seems to have realized GV’s gaping inadequacies and decided to switch to Harris for his next.ext

      • True..His music is inspired by some random source every time. Maybe thats why he switched to Harris.

      • mohan said:

        By the legendary album, I was referring to 7G rainbow colony. “7G” got edited out by mistake.

  3. DheenaRajesH said:

    Kadhal En Kadhal Semma. . .

  4. One of the best album from GVP.. But ive got a complaint MI.. you should not give the same rating that you have given to 7am arivu.. This is far far better than 7am arivu… My verdict: 4/5

    • Actually you might be thinking 7am Arivu was overrated. Mayakkam Enna also had inspired tunes. And btw 7am Arivu got somewhere between 3 and 4 on my polling here. So that accounts to a decently right rating no boss?

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