7am Ezham Arivu-(Music Review)-(First on Net!)

This is one album most would be expecting for so many reasons like Harris’s first after Ko and for the ARM-Harris-Suriya combo.
Expectations are sky-high. Lets see whats delivered.

1. Oh Ringa Ringa!

This one’s a typical HJ hip-hop number ranging from the likes of Pudhu Pudhu from Dhaam Dhoom
and Damakku Damakku from Aadhavan (incidentally a Suriya-HJ intro number). The lyrical side takes
a setback for the composer to experiment with the audiography, great mixing. Will reach better with
visuals, shot in bustling Chennai Localities, a first for a biggie.

2. Mun Andhi

Very melifluous. Pleasing. Karthik elevates an otherwise familiar Harris melody to a new quantum.
Visuals by DOP Ravi K Chandran will take it even further for sure. Sureshot hit.

3. Yellae Lama

Intensely energetic! Great singing from the ensemble vocals. Sruthi Hassan impresses again after
Adiye Kolluthe from VA. This would be the ‘Oru Maalai’ for 7am Arivu. Addictive too.

4. Yamma Yamma

One song, Harris decides to tone down things and bask in the glory of SPB! Its out and out the legend’s
piece of the gone-out-of-love boy’s melancholy.  Wake-up call for Kollywood to give good numbers that really
bring the best out of him. The toned down BG helps a lot in conveying the song’s sense. Swetha is apt.
One of the best in the album.

5. Innum Yenna Thozha

One of the few lyrically brilliant songs that come once in a blue-moon in here. Pa.Vijay’s the best when
it comes to writing inspirational numbers, this one’s dedicated to the Srilankan Tamils supposedly.
An excerpt:
‘Panimootam vandhu padindhenna, kadum pagalavan maraiyuma?
Pagaimootam vandhu paniyamal engal iru vizhi uranguma? ‘

Music-wise, blaring techno could have avoided, the composer could have resorted to softer notes.
Balram makes a great comeback after his extremely appraised Kaatrin Mozhi . A low point in the
album, yet a great listen. How’s that? 🙂

6. The Rise of Damo

Last number’s the crest of the album, the icing on the cake.
Extremely authentic Oriental music with great singing by Hao Wang and lyrics by Madhan Karki,
that conveys a sense of mystery. Music sounds like a rhyme (A.B.C.D….EFG 😛 ) first and then proceeds to
amazing orchestration with apt choice of instruments, and the Mridangam interludes add a new dimension to
this number. Defines a new genre to Indian film music, easily the pick of the album.

Summing up,

Upside: Orchestration; Apt choice of singers, instruments ; Experimentation
Downside:  Lyrics in few cases; Familiarity

7am Arivu is totally a great album, definitely worth buying.

I go with a 3.5 on 5 for this..A 10 pointer rating will be given after polling soon.

MIRating: 3.5/5

P.S: Have a look at the Chinese-Tamil lyrics at http://madhankarky.blogspot.com/2011/09/song-zhe-yindu-nanzi.html .


  1. ricky said:

    Harris needs to slow down a bit, the album is fine but not what was expected. Just as ‘familiarity’ is all over written in the album. He could have directly rendered “Chahoon Bhi” from force rather than improvising it for “mun andhi”. Last number is the crest of the album..? nothing is ‘cresty’ other than the voise of the singer.
    Hope harris delivers big in ‘Nanban’..

    • Familiarity’s of course a big let-down..but boss, the last number is extremely authentic! It takes multiple listens to catch on you…

  2. Sri said:

    Yes chinese song is very authentic.. that is if you don’t know baba black sheep…your use of thesaurus doesn’t make this a good album/review…

    • Hey, I wrote that it resembled a rhyme significantly…but then I really advise you to catch hold of some Oriental numbers. They primarily involve mono-syllabic notes, lined together sounding like a rhyme. Whether or not it resembles the rhyme, this is a new effort that has to be appreciated. Look at the depth of instrumentation.

  3. Frank said:

    I dnt xpect dis type of songs from harris…huge let down when compared to previous surya n harris combo..has surya previous movies ran bcoz of harris music…this movie going 2 b flop..

  4. selva said:

    harris rocks…he should repeat the tune of ola olala and rooba rooba from orange.!

  5. Priya said:

    sure this album gonna flop….’Ringa Ringa ” reminds me “Taxi Taxi” from ARR song..suriya’s mostly depends of harris songs..But harris suckz this time..Mayakkam Enna is really far better than this album..GV delivers the variety…May surya fans will like t…But common audience ,thumbs down..Lets compare Aayirathil oruvan and 7am Arivu, b’coz both are period films, But GV done a gr8 job than Harris…Guyz dont expect more in 7am Arivu, otherwise u ll disappoint like Aayirathil oruvan

    • Yeah not upto expectations, but you really think it is unaninmously hated? Check out the poll results on this page..

  6. Praveen said:

    Definitely the movie gonna b a gr8 hit…..The songs are really nice..If someone needs to say that oh ringa ringa resembles Taxi Taxi, say that it resembles gasolina daddy yankee…Because Taxi Taxi resembles that songs…..
    On the whole the songs are really good..Innum enna thozha is pick of the album…

    • Ameer said:

      i dont think Taxi Taxi resembles Gasolina…. but both are used reggae beat.. but tunes are different… but Oh Ringa Ringa copies the beat as well as the tune. as usual HJ copies ARR

      • Praveen said:

        ha ha ha open up ur ears and listen to gasolina…if Taxi Taxi doesnt resemble Gasolina then Oh ringa ringa doesnt resemble taxi taxi…..Speaking honestly the origin of both the songs seems to b frm Gasolina….

  7. Vasant said:

    First flop for Harris n surya combo…songs r nt up 2 the mark..same recycle work by harris…music flop, next movie flop….

  8. Vijay said:

    The grandeur is missing. For such a grand movie, a periodical sci-fi thriller the music should be the face. It should sound grand and complex. Endhiran can be cited here. The music was as grand as the movie. It setup the hype even further.

    Huge let down by HJ. He might have just missed a lifetime opportunity. AR Murugadoss may have made the mistake of his career. ARR should have been roped in. For those who want authentic Chinese/oriental music plz listen to Warriors of Heaven and Earth done by our own tamilian ARR. Even though if the film makes it big time, this boring music will leave the movie incomplete. Hope that HJ has done justice in BG. God save 7am arivu and its team effort. its up to Surya to carry the movie on his shoulders.

  9. Shastri said:

    I think the songs are Good.
    Yellae Lama is very catchy song with fine mixing. I really enjoyed it.
    Hope Harris’ will do other totally different projects hereafter.

  10. san said:

    songs are good but hj should try out some different numbers to shut mouths of some idiotic fellows they says hj always copying the tunes but in real he next to a.r in indian cinema i think he always score more in background .i think this film will be the god cinema for 76 year of tamil cinema.surely harris is the good and best tunes will rock tthe tamil cinema.he will make his fans proud of him

  11. Balu said:

    With every film, surya gets more stylish n trendy.. It shows how much care is taken not to upset his audience.. And so is the music.. its quite refreshing.. eagerly waiting for the movie.. Way to go Surya! Wish u all the luck..

  12. K Sathish Kumaara said:

    I believe atleast THREE SONGS are EXTREMELY good (viz… Karthik, SPB, Balram’s). I’m SURE with this excellent composition, the visual treat will INCREASE the above RATINGS for all songs. Take Care, Be Well.

  13. Harish said:

    jus like any other harris album… hated all songs on the first listen… then slowly started to like them…. but i expect more variety frm harris… like yuvan shankar raja…..

    • I liked harris music but this films songs reveals that he is the best xerox copy….. Ringa songs orchestration as similar to taxi taxi, Spb songs is superb but that songs tunes and orchestration are debted from our musical mastro ilayaraja, and innun enna thozha is cleanly copied the singling styles and orchestration from the movies of rahmans joda akbar, and indian ……. So am thouroghly dissappointed harris better luck in next time

  14. narayanakumar said:

    Good will be the chart buster once it is released!!!!

  15. This will be the one of the worst album ever from Harris Jeyaraj. I have expected a lot from HJ.. that the trio HJ-ARM-Surya will meets the expectations.. But failed miserably. I will give a max of 2 for this album.
    HJ once again proves that he is the best copycat in india.. the opening song itself copied from ARR hit “Taxi Taxi”… I completely agrees with Praveen Ethihaas and Priya..


    • MuthamilSelvan said:

      I agree Ajeesh…. I never ever heard such a worst album from HJ…. Surely he is losing track from KO… Until VARANAM AYIRAM his music was excellent… I dont know why HJ is copying his music again… Such a worst album from HJ…. Reality is when ARR Came into picture the entire tamil cinema & audience heard songs only from Illayaraja… ARR totally changed the trend of the indian music… Other Musicians are following his trend… Only 3 Musicians set trend in tamil cinema 1) VISAWANATHAN-RAMAMURTHY 2) ILLAYARAJA 3) ARRAHMAN… 7aam ariyu songs are worst as he copied songs from his earlier albums… Nothing refreshing… Oh! RINGA song is a absolute copy from ARR’s TAXI TAXI… Yealea Yealamma songs he copied from GHAJINI… Yeamaa Yeamma Song which is sung by SPB he copied from ILLAYARAJA… HJ Please try something else… Otherwise your place will be gone in another few years…

      • Yeah Selvan.. U said the right thing.. He has produced some good songs in Vaaranam Aayiram and i agree that the songs were super hit.. But for your informations.. almost all the songs were copied from other songs..
        For eg:
        1. Adiyae Kolluthey – copied from AC/DC’s “Love Bomb”
        2. Nenjukkul Peidhidum – i think its a good composition, but i heard the similar in an Assamese song: Borokha maghor kothar.. idk, who originated the music first
        3. Yethi Yethi – sound like Urvashi Urvashi from Kadhalan
        4. Munthinam Parthaene – The opening bit is been copied from George Michael’s “Faith”
        6. Ava Enne – The whole BGM was copied from ARR’s Taal “Kariye Na”

        I hope the other songs weren’t a copy…

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